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Strategic Plan

The MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board Strategic Plan outlines our goals and related actions over a five-year plan. Below you can read the full details of the MassHire FHWB Strategic Plan 2013-2018. We will be updating this page soon with our plan for 2019-2024.

Goals and Action Steps 2013-2018

Updated 6/30/2017

 I.   In collaboration with community partners, increase frequency and depth of contacts and relationships with priority industry sector employers.

  • Engage more employers directly in education/training program development
  • Intensify use of  OJT, paid internship and other on-site opportunities to incentivize hiring and     enhance training
  • Maintain/expand staff specialist/coach role in at least 3 priority areas: e.g. manufacturing, healthcare, and educational services
  • Track and support continuing growth and development of jobs and training in industry areas key to our regional identity: e.g. agriculture, green jobs, and the creative economy.

II.   Refine and expand our ability to work creatively and effectively with community partners to serve homeless and ex-offenders, among other special populations (e.g. Adult Learners, Veterans, people with disabilities, the long-term unemployed, etc.)

  • Document current practice/partners and identify potential improvements/enhancements
  • With or without grant funding, build on strong working relationships to implement
  • Seek funding to work collaboratively with partners to address persistent weaknesses and gaps.

III.   Draw on Board member expertise and contacts to increase visibility of REB and impact of services.

  • Increase the visibility of the REB in Hampshire County, including Ware, and in West County
  • Engage REB members personally in new member recruitment
  • Ensure every REB member contributes to youth employment goals through either a donation, a youth work experience, or assistance in engaging an additional business in youth employment activities.

IV.   Improve the quality, not just the quantity, of business relationships. 

  • Increase focus on employer workshops/seminars
  • Increase direct referrals of jobs seekers to employers
  • Establish a local, collaborative  “rapid response” strategy for projected lay-offs that complements and enhances state Rapid Response program.

V.   Engage a variety of partners in helping youth in transition develop a focus, gain skills, and achieve goals. 

  • Provide a diverse mix of career development activities that afford out-of-school and in-school youth the opportunity to move from awareness, to exploration, to immersion  
  • Ensure every youth completing a program has a Next Step Plan and Back-Up Plan.
  • Increase the level of awareness and utilization of Youth Service Council education/employment resources in area high schools.

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