The Northern Tier Energy Sector Partnership (NTESP) was a 2-year Department of Labor-funded green jobs training project, intended to bridge local green employers, community-serving organizations, training organizations, and the local community colleges. The NTESP program spanned three regions in the Pioneer Valley: Franklin and Hampshire county, Berkshire county, and the North Central region. In the course of NTESP, Greenfield Community College established its Renewable Energy/Energy Efficient Program. Unfortunately, due to reduced demand, the Renewable Energy/Energy Efficient Program is no longer offered at GCC.

The NTESP program focused on the following green energy training and job placement sectors:

  • Energy-Efficient Building, Construction, and Retrofit

  • Renewable Electric Power

  • Biofuels 

  • Deconstruction and Materials Use

  • Energy Efficiency Assessment

  • Manufacturers that produce sustainable products

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