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Job seekers can test out manufacturing careers

August 13, 2021: The Recorder

The Workforce Board is promoting their new, innovative virtual manufacturing training. Click here to learn more.

Businesses Take Extreme Measures to Combat Hiring Drought

May 13, 2021: Western Mass News

BETE Fog Nozzle in Greenfield recognized for supporting employees, public in pandemic

May 6, 2021: The Recorder

BETE Fog Nozzle was given the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board’s 2020 Workforce Development Leader Award for their outstanding commitment to their employees and contribution to our community during an exceptionally challenging year.

Download the PDF here.

Workforce Board Prepares to Search for New Executive Director

April 16, 2020: The Recorder

After 19 years with MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board, formerly the REB, Patricia Crosby has decided to step down as Executive Director.

Download the PDF here: Workforce Board Prepares to Search for New Executive Director

What Manufacturing Slump?

February 19, 2020: The Recorder

Andrew Baker, the FHWB’s Special Projects and Business Outreach Coordinator, is joined by Senator Paul Mark in a discussion about the strength of manufacturing in Franklin County.

Download the PDF here: What Manufacturing Slump?

Area Manufacturing on Display at E2E

October 11, 2018: Ware River News

During Manufacturing Week, the FHWB with the assistance of the E2E hosted a manufacturing event to education job seekers and the general public about manufacturing in the greater Ware region.

Download the PDF here: Area Manufacturing on Display at E2E

GCC Precision Machining Program Offers Training For a New Career

August 3, 2018: The Recorder

Feature on John Hannum at Bete Fog Nozzle, Inc. a manufacturing company in Greenfield.  John graduated from the CNC program offered through GCC and in conjunction with the FHWB.

Download the PDF here: Training for a New Career

Honor Our Machine Shop Graduates

May 16, 2018: Recorder 

Fourteen adult students graduated a 12-week re-skilling training in computer numerical control (CNC) machining and set off towards new careers in precision manufacturing. 

Download the PDF here: Machine Shop Graduates Honored

‘Green Economy’ Career Fair On Tap in Northampton

April 10, 2018: Gazette 

A number of job, internship and education opportunities were  showcased in the city for those seeking to break into the “green economy.”

Download the PDF here: ‘Green economy’ career fair on tap in Northampton

Career Services are Everyones Business

February 20, 2018: Business West Opinion

An opinion article on why the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center is an important structure for supporting job seekers, even at a time of relatively low unemployment.

Download the PDF here: Career Services Are Everyone’s Business

Job Seekers Need to be Even More Mobile

February 20, 2018: The Recorder

A review of the 2018 Labor Market Blueprint submitted by both Franklin Hampshire and Hampden Workforce Boards.

Download the PDF: Job-seekers need to be even more mobile

College Isn’t the Only Option

November 7, 2017: The Recorder

Coverage on County Trades Day at the Turners Falls High School with focus on apprenticeships and careers post-graduation that do not require a college degree.

Download the PDF here: College Isn’t the Only Option

State Awards Workforce Grants for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs to 8 Manufacturing Organizations 

October 18, 2017: The Republican

The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development awards $1.33 million to 8 workforce training organizations at Franklin County Technical School, of which $84,150 was awarded to the MassHire FHWB. 

Read PDF here: State Awards Workforce Grants for Advanced Manufacturing Jobs to 8 Manufacturing Organizations 

Lt. Gov. Polito visits Franklin County – Announces Manufacturing Award

October 17, 2017: The Recorder

Award of the Advanced Manufacturing Training Program grant to MassHire FHWB in the amount of $84,150 to focus outreach to veterans and demographic groups historically underrepresented in the manufacturing sector.

Download the PDF here: Lt. Gov. Visits Franklin County to Talk Broadband, Manufacturing Awards

Two Franklin County Companies Awarded State Grants for Workforce Training

October 5, 2017: The Recorder

Poplar Hill Machine Inc in Conway and Greenfield’s Valley Medical Group are awarded grants from the Workforce Training Fund Program (WTFP) to train a combined total of 443 workers in Franklin County. 

Download the PDF here: Two Franklin County Companies Awarded State Grants For WorkforceTraining

Summer Jobs Program has Long-lasting Benefits

July 28, 2017: The Recorder Editorial

The Summer-Jobs and Beyond grant awarded by the US Department of Labor is intended to fill the gap between education and job experience for youth in Montague, Orange and Ware to better prepare them for the workplace and career opportunities.

Download the PDF here:  Summer Jobs Program has Long-lasting Benefits

State Supports GCC Goal to Train Students for Success

April 2, 2017: Gazette

Greenfield Community College received a $469,113 state grant to be used for classroom and equipment in advanced skills vocational training and related technology.

Download the PDF here: State Supports GCC Goal to Train Students for Success

Summer Jobs Program Seeks Employers

June 16, 2017: The Recorder

The Summer Jobs and Beyond grant helped 120 youth find employment last year, in part by covering the salaries and workmen’s compensation.  This year, MassHire FHWB seeks additional employers willing to invest time into training youths seeking employment between the ages of 16 to 18 living in Montague, Orange and Ware.

Download the PDF here: Summer Jobs Program Seeks Employer

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