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MassHire BizTeam

What can the BizTeam do for your business?

Assistance With Job Postings

  • Job openings can be posted at no cost to the statewide database MassHire Job Quest website. Just submit the online Job Order Form.
  • They will post your job on our “Hot Jobs” list updated and made available daily on their website and available to all walk in customers at their three Career Center locations in Greenfield, Orange, and Northampton.
  • The Biz Team collaborates with Career Center staff to refer skilled, qualified job seekers to available jobs.

Recruitment Assistance

  • Job fairs or specialized hiring . They will coordinate all facets of your recruitment event including promotion and outreach to job seekers, pre-screening, and matching of qualified candidates.
  • Employer Spotlight – Employers and job seekers have the opportunity to meet and share information in-person at their Greenfield location or virtually.
  • Testing and pre-screening of job candidates.
  • Targeted mailings to our job seeker customers.


  • On-the-Job Training and other Work Based Learning Programs
  • Work Opportunity Tax Credit
  • Career Pathway Programs – We collaborate with employers and our workforce partners to support career pathways such as the Manufacturing Sector Initiative, Medical Assistant Pathway, Health Care Pathways, and the Diverse Teacher Workforce Coalition.  Contact us to learn more.

To learn more, check out their website at

MassHire BizWorks

What can BizWorks do for your business?

The MassHire BizWorks program offers a wide array of business assistance services for business expansion and growth, financing, tax credits, workplace safety, etc.

To learn more, check out their website,

Rapid Response

What can Rapid Response do for your company?

The Massachusetts Rapid Response Team can offer alternatives to closing a facility and laying off employees.  If layoffs are inevitable, measures can be taken to lessen the impact on the company and the workforce.

  • Work share/wage sharing – WorkShare offers a smart alternative to layoffs. Employees work reduced hours while collecting unemployment benefits to supplement their lower wages. WorkShare can reduce your payroll costs and maintain your valued workforce.
  • Meet with you and your employees to help ease the transition – learn about the Unemployment Assistance Program, Career Center services, connect workers to available jobs.

To learn more, check out their website,


What can they do for your business?

A Chamber of Commerce is defined as “a local association to promote and protect the interests of the business community in a particular place.”

“Promote” includes networking with fellow entrepreneurs, small business, and other business community members.

They help “protect the interests” of local businesses by working closely with state legislators and local Chief Elected Officials (i.e. Mayors).

Each Chamber can offer a multitude of options to help your business. Consult your local chamber for more details.

Community Development Corporations (CDCs)

What can they do for your business?

A community development corporation is a not-for-profit organization incorporated to provide programs, offer services and engage in other activities that promote and support community development. CDCs usually serve a geographic location such as a neighborhood or a town. –  Wikipedia

CDCs work closely with many local chambers, Career Centers, and Workforce Boards to ensure that the businesses in their area have access and information to things like grants, marketing help, legal assistance, and much more. To learn more, consult your local CDC.

Hiring & Retention

Winning the War on Talent (pdf) webinar hosted by MassHire Franklin Hampshire Career Center and presented by Employers Association of the NorthEast (EANE).

Getting Involved

Become a Member of the Workforce Board

[WIP] Are you looking to get more involved in steering how the economic development and workforce system in your area? Joining the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board might be a good outlet for you. [WIP]

Participate in employer roundtables

Don’t have the time to dedicate to the regular Workforce Board meetings but still want to contribute and ensure your voice is being heard? Contact your Market Maker Jen Droesch using the contact form below to learn about upcoming employer roundtables and other engagements.

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