Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint

The final Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint (click here for the PDF) was developed as an end-product of the process outlined under the “Massachusetts Regional Workforce Development Planning”. 

Visualization: Priority Industries – this link will direct you to an interactive page showing you projected job growth through 2024 in our region’s priority and critical industries.

Visualization: Priority Occupations – this link will direct you to an interactive page that will show you the supply gap/surplus and median wage through 2024 for occupations within our region’s priority and critical industries.

Occupational Job Openings – this page will direct you to a table of job openings and replacements within priority occupations through 2024. Job openings refer to any new job created, while job replacements are any jobs that become available due to attrition.

The Educator Work Group

The Educator Work Group is a sub-group of the Pioneer Valley Regional Planning Blueprint team. The group currently consists of three community colleges, a state university, and representative secondary schools in the region. They serve to advise the Core Regional Planning team about needs and trends in the educational sector and to provide information on current and planned education and training programs related to workforce.

During the summer of 2020, in partnership with the regions, vocational technical high schools, three regional Community Colleges, and Westfield State University, the Regional Planning Blueprint Educator Work Group developed an Inventory of the technical programs/courses conducted at those educational institutions that are associated with the Priority Industries and Other Critical Industries identified in the Blueprint.  The information was summarized and compiled into the Summary Report of Technical Programs

The Educator Work Group has also developed Career Pathways Maps (see below) for the three Priority Industries that contain additional and complementary information, including general links to costs and student financial aid. The career pathways maps complement the information and data contained in both the Blueprint and the new Summary Report of Technical Programs.

For counselors providing career assistance and looking to learn more about priority occupations within the three priority industries, job descriptions, and salary ranges, please follow the links to our priority industry pages:

Massachusetts Regional Workforce Development Planning

16 Regions of the MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board

State Strategy

Goal 1: Align economic, workforce, and education systems to coordinate systems based on skill needs in regions. 

The Governor has designated a new set of regional boundaries that roll up existing workforce development areas into a smaller set of regions. The new configuration organizes the 16 Workforce Investment Areas into 7 regions. 

Numbered map of Massachusetts State Workforce Board Regions

MA WIOA Workforce Development Regions

The purpose of the regional planning under the Workforce Skills Cabinet (WSC) and the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) is to use the same regional boundaries between economic development, workforce, education, and key partners to identify business demand for skills, create regional strategies, and align existing resources to this process. The goal is to ensure that regional employers, educators, economic development entities, regional planning organizations, and workforce training officials are coordinated in a way that creates strong talent pipelines, for both middle-skilled and highly skilled jobs. 

Click here for the Pioneer Valley Labor Market Blueprint ( PDF)

See all of the Regional Team Members here. (PDF)

To learn more about the Regional Planning process and the expectations set by the WSC, download the MA Workforce Skills Cabinet Regional Planning PPT. (PDF)

To see a list of all Pioneer Valley industry establishments, employment, and wages categorized by priority industries download the Industry Summary. (PDF) 

To learn more about the Pioneer Valley Regional Planning team and their next steps, download the presentation of the Pioneer Valley Supply and Demand Data  as of October 8, 2019. (PDF)

Read past versions of the Labor Market blueprint here.