Executive Director, MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board

Updated: 7 May 2020

Summary of Position

Under the leadership of the Executive Director, the business-led MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board (FHWB) oversees workforce development policy, services, and planning for Franklin and Hampshire counties and the North Quabbin region (FHNQ).  The Director develops and implements strategies and programs to ensure the Board continues to thrive and deliver as a high-performing workforce board and region, and maximizes the resources and allocations available in a largely rural region to ensure high-quality public employment services and the development of employment partnerships that help FHNQ businesses and job seekers succeed.  The Director addresses a wide array of workforce development issues, including the needs of vulnerable populations, job growth, and promotes diversity and inclusion practices.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

Board of Directors:

  • Recruit business and community leaders to review/address regional workforce needs as Board members. Membership development, including outreach, recruitment, orientation, engagement and advancement to officer/chair roles.
  • Conduct bi-monthly or quarterly Board and Youth Council meetings, as well as sub-committee meetings as necessary to elicit business/community expertise and support of workforce development goals. With Chair/s, develop agendas, present reports/updates, plan presentations, facilitate discussions to solicit member expertise and guidance, conduct necessary business in accordance with Open Meeting Law, and provide follow-up.
  • Develop/implement/refresh with Board members the FHWB five-year Strategic Plan, ensuring goals/objectives/progress in priority industry areas, including Healthcare, Advanced Manufacturing, and the Education sector, as well as other areas critical to the FH region, e.g. Agriculture/Food Systems and Hospitality/Tourism. Seek funding and partners to address Plan goals.

Business/Community Outreach:

  • Convene federally-mandated WIOA partners (MRC, DTA, ABE, Older Workers, etc.) regularly to ensure coordination, collaboration, effective use of resources and alignment with state WIOA Plan, including Career Pathway goals.
  • Convene ad hoc employer advisory and/or implementation groups as needed to address particular issues or industry sector priorities, e.g. Advanced Manufacturing Roundtable, Healthcare UP Employer Group, IT Employer Advisory Group.
  • Analyze persistent or emerging regional workforce development challenges and develop innovative solutions.
  • Develop partnerships with industry and community organizations.

Program Administration:

  • Promote the MA Workforce Training Fund in accordance with state expectations and funding: educate employers, provide technical assistance, encourage use for literacy as well as technical training skills; review proposals.
  • Manage implementation of FH School to Career/Connecting Activities program (STC/CA) serving eight schools in Franklin/North Quabbin with a staff-person out of the FHWB office, and currently serving Hampshire County schools via sub-contract with Collaborative Education Services. Oversee development/ submission of annual STC/CA proposal/plan, Quarterly Report submission, and promotion/support/tracking or development of over 500 work-based learning placements per year, in addition to an array of school-based career development activities.
  • Manage implementation of the competitively-funded FH Manufacturing Skills Initiative, currently recruiting, assessing, coaching, placing and tracking 35-45 job seekers/yr. into manufacturing jobs in a training collaboration with Greenfield Community College and Franklin County Technical School. Supervise staff-person, oversee submission of reports to funders, participate in statewide coordinating meetings, develop annual proposal and budget, and sustain legislative support.
  • In coordination with FHETC, develop annual Local Plan and Budget for FHWB and FHCC for Board and Mayor approval.
  • Meet/plan regularly with FHETC/Franklin Hampshire Career Center to ensure coordination, collaboration, effective use of resources, and to reduce duplication.
  • Manage FHWB annual budget of approximately $500,000 to 700,000, ensuring effective use of funds, compliance with all regulations, attainment of grant goals, and timely spend-out.

Operations Management:

  • Stay on top of state, federal and private workforce funding opportunities: coordinate with FH Career Center and Board partners to develop and/or support most effective responses.
  • Implement and document a process of on-going, year-round oversight of Career Center services, leading to annual renewals as warranted of the Provider contract/agreement over the four-year period.
  • Track, develop, evaluate, and troubleshoot relationships with training providers; lead/refine/enhance training program development in critical and/or new areas.
  • To ensure FHNQ priorities, participate fully in Pioneer Valley Regional Planning and Blueprint implementation (approximately six-eight group meetings/yr. (Educator, Business, Core Planning, and Data) and five coordinating meetings with Hampden WB/yr., plus preparation and follow-up.
  • As part of the PV Regional Planning Blueprint, co-develop, refine and implement the Five-Year Manufacturing Plan required by MA Economic Development in collaboration with the Hampden and Berkshire region.
  • Participate/contribute regularly to pertinent Economic Development groups:,–EDC Partners, Pioneer Valley Plan for Progress, Franklin Regional Council of Governments etc. — to ensure alignment with economic development initiatives, current and emerging.
  • With Board and/or Youth Council participation, develop bi-annual WIOA Youth RFP; and conduct procurement of WIOA Youth Services and mid-contract review, leading to contract renewal as warranted.
  • Increase MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board’s level of visibility and leadership throughout the Franklin, Hampshire and North Quabbin region, working to ensure services and activities are available in some form to all.
  • With the participation of Board members, conduct annual state-required quality assurance monitoring of Career Center services.
  • Ensure bi-annual Certification of Workforce Board operations in relation to state/federal standards.
  • Conduct bi-annual Certification of Career Center operations in relation to state/federal standards.
  • In accordance with WIOA requirements, conduct procurement every four years of Career Center Service Provider.
  • Supervise a staff of three: an Executive Assistant; a Youth Pathways Coordinator; and a Special Projects Coordinator.

Other duties:

  • Labor market information analysis and dissemination; management of the FHWB and FH Youth websites; participation in and support of MA workforce system (association and state) activities/goals; and alignment with the MassHire brand.



  • B.A. or B.S. in area generally-related to workforce development (e.g. education, training, human services, planning, administration, business, economic development)


  • Advanced relevant degree/credentials



  • Five years or more of leadership experience in policy development and the management of multi-year grant-driven programs for both adults and youth, preferably related to workforce and/or economic development
  • Experience leading and/or managing a Board
  • Demonstrated understanding/experience with a full range of workforce development issues, including but not limited to: barriers to gaining or advancing in jobs, career pathway development, business/human resources challenges, business expansion, job growth, diversity and inclusion
  • Demonstrated understanding of workforce and economic development issues as they relate to rural regions
  • Demonstrated success as a grant-writer
  • Strong writing, speaking, presentation, and social media skills
  • Diplomacy, enthusiasm, perseverance, and ability to lead and inspire diverse groups of people to work together in pursuit of a common goal


  • Specific knowledge of the Franklin/Hampshire/North Quabbin region
  • Bilingual/multi-cultural background a plus

Salary:  $75,000-80,000, depending on workforce system experience.

Interested candidates are asked to submit a cover letter and resume. Please send your application materials to MassHire Franklin Hampshire Workforce Board, One Arch Place, Suite 2, Greenfield, MA 01301, or by email to careers@masshirefhwb.org.  Applications will be accepted until the position is filled.